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Why Enroll?

Children naturally absorb language, and those who learn a foreign language in early childhood can benefit from:

  • Better pronunciation and accent
  • Stronger math & problem solving skills
  • Introduction to other cultures
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved critical thinking
  • Greater ease & fluency in the language
  • A base for learning additional languages in the future

Having Spanish classes available right in your child's preschool or child care center:

  • Is convenient for parents
  • Eliminates having to drive your child to and from an extra-curricular activity
  • Ensures that your child will be in a comfortable and familiar learning environment
  • Provides a different form of socialization and interaction with students and friends whom your child knows from school

Spanish is the second most commonly used language in the United States, and is the primary language of 20 other countries throughout the world. The longer your child is exposed to the Spanish language, the more fluent and comfortable they will be with it. This will benefit your child in the future, both in school and beyond! 


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